The management staff will agree the golf course and practice facility set up on a daily basis and decides when it is fit for play. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you check availability with the Shop and reserve your tee time in advance.

Please check in with the Shop prior to play to confirm or arrange tee times. Caddies or golf carts (valid medical certificate only) should be arranged with the Caddie Master and golf trolleys with the Shop. All guests should be registered in the Shop at least 30 minutes prior to play.

All play shall commence from the 1st tee. Play commencing from any other tee may only be done by permission from the Shop.

In the interest of a proper pace of play, we encourage all players (particularly those entertaining guests) to play from the most favourable and user friendly tee location. We strongly suggest that everyone plays from the tee recommended by the Shop.

When stopping after the 9th hole for lunch or any other reason that causes a delay, you must check in with the Shop before resuming play.

The acceptable maximum time frame for a four-ball to complete their round is 4 hours 30 minutes. If your group is failing to maintain a proper pace of play (meaning holding its position relative to the group in front of you) you must allow the players behind your to play through regardless of the number of players. To ensure the proper pace of play, half way Clubhouse stops should not exceed 15 minutes.

Please click here to see the appropriate hole timings to ensure proper pace of play.

Please be aware that the course is situated within a beautiful and dramatic dune landscape which naturally has very steep slopes and varying ground conditions. The utmost care must be observed if venturing outside the maintained playing areas to avoid injury.


2020 golf season (9 holes) - January 22 to March 13
2020 golf season (18 holes) - March 14 to December 23


Full payment is required at the time of booking. We accept all major credit cards for payment of greens fees.


Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to play are non-refundable.

Refunds are not available due to delayed or cancelled flights or travel plans, personal injuries or illness. Management strongly recommends that all golfers consider travel insurance.


Tee times can be rescheduled or modified by contacting our bookings department, if notified more than 30 days prior to play.


To make your reservation and for pricing information please contact our bookings department on [email protected]


Practice balls are available as part of the green fee. A practice putting green and short game area are also available. The practice area is available to use 1 hour prior to play. The club's golf dress code regulations apply, at all times, to individuals when using the practice area. Safety is important to us. Please pay close attention to ensure that balls, when struck, fall within the confines of the practice area. Practice balls are to be used at the practice areas only and not on the golf course at any time.


Whilst we strive to create a friendly relaxed atmosphere, visitors are required to observe basic etiquette and dress code. Proper golf attire must be worn on the golf course and practice areas at all times. Golf slacks or tailored shorts with socks, collared shirts or appropriate mock and turtle neck shirts are considered appropriate. Please note cargo style trousers , denim, tracksuits, trainers and t-shirts are unacceptable on the golf course. Caps shall be worn in the traditional manner, with the bill facing forward.

Changing clothes or shoes in the parking area is not permitted and should only be done in designated areas. Only soft spiked shoes are permitted.

A smart-casual dress code is required in The Clubhouse and The Dunes Restaurant & Bar. Smart denim may be worn.

Trump International, Scotland staff will be the sole judge of the propriety of any and all attire.


Mobile phones and other mobile devices are only permitted in designated areas. Exceptions to this are doctors on call who should make the staff aware of this when arriving.


It is the player's responsibility to ensure that he/she or his/her caddie repairs all ball marks on the greens, repair and or replace all divots on the fairway and that they leave bunkers neatly raked with the rake left in the middle of the bunker.


Please be aware of the morning course maintenance schedule. For tee times prior to 8am, please note that you may encounter course maintenance personnel depending on your pace of play. From time to time, our green-keeping staff may also be required to undertake essential work during high season, to ensure our playing surfaces are maintained to the highest standard.


In an effort to support one of golf's oldest traditions, Trump International Golf Links, Scotland offers a Caddie service. We recommend you take full advantage of our caddie service to assist with pace of play and to ensure you have the greatest experience. We also offer a fore-caddie service. A fore-caddie offers the same services as a traditional golf caddie without the responsibility of handling the players golf clubs.

To request a Caddie, prior notice is strongly recommended. Caddies are employed directly by each player and players should pay the Caddie directly for their services.  Caddies are not required to carry a bag with a total weight of more than twenty-five (25) pounds. Players with bags weighing in excess of this amount will be asked to take a trolley or switch to a lighter bag. Players are requested to report any Caddies that does not perform duties satisfactorily to the Caddie Master: [email protected]

Caddie Fees:
Traditional Caddie Service, £55 plus gratuity per player, per round
Forecaddie Service (2-4 players), £25 plus gratuity per player, per round

Cancellation Policy:
All pre-booked caddie requests cancelled on the day of play are liable for a £20 cancellation fee payable to the Caddiemaster


Golf clubs and shoes are available for our guests to hire, prior booking is advised. All hire items are paid for on the day of play.


Golfers are welcome to bring their own push or electric trolley. Non-electric push trolleys and electric trolleys are available for our guests to hire, prior booking is advised. A restricted number of golf carts are available to hire for guests, with priority give to those with a medical impediment or condition. To avoid disappointment prior booking is essential. Guests are advised to drop their golf equipment at the designated Bag Drop area, prior to parking their vehicle. Members of staff are on hand to assist. 


Trump International, Scotland reserves the right to suspend play and/or close the course at anytime. The team will do their upmost to reschedule or continue play in the case of a suspension due to adverse weather conditions. The golf course will be reviewed continuously by the Links Superintendent and Resort Management to ensure the safest playing environment for all golfers.

In the event of fog or haar, play may be suspended if the level of visibility is deemed unsafe. Play will resume at the discretion of the Links Superintendent and Resort Management once the course has been deemed safe.

Heavy Rain
In circumstances of heavy rain, all play will be suspended if any portion of the course becomes unplayable. Play will resume at the discretion of the Links Superintendent and Resort Management.

When frost is evident, all play will be suspended until the Links Superintendent and Resort Management decides the temperature has risen to a level that will allow play to resume.

In the event of lightning, all play will be immediately suspended. Golfers on the course are required to return to the golf house until it is deemed safe to resume play by the Links Superintendent and Resort Management.

If play is suspended and resumed, golfers must return to their place on the course and complete their round. If a golfer chooses to abandon their round at any point after tee off on the first tee, no refund will be provided. Golfers may receive a partial refund if they decide to abandon the round prior to tee off. If a golfer misses their tee time due to adverse weather conditions, reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule later in the day or the following day depending on availability. If a visiting golfers’ tee time cannot be rescheduled, a partial refund will be offered.

Bookings department contact details

T: +44 (0) 1358 743300 (option 1)
E: [email protected]