During the Master Plan public exhibition conducted on September 18 – 19, 2009 a number of questions were raised and highlighted on the visitor feedback forms.
The responses to the top ten questions asked by attendees are as follows:

1.  I’ve heard this development is only for the elite – will I be able to use the facilities?

The development will be accessible to all. This is not a ‘gated community’. The golf courses, spa, tennis courts, equestrian centre, restaurants and shops, along with the community facilities within the residential village will be accessible to the general public.

It is intended that there will be two main routes into the golf resort and village. The centre of the development is being designed to link into the wider public transport network to encourage ease of access for residents and visitors.

2.  I enjoy the beach at weekends – will I still have access?

The beach will remain fully accessible to the public. Pathways through the development are planned to encourage residents and visitors to explore the coastline and take full advantage of the beaches. A new public car park is also planned within the village which will link into one of the public routes across the courses onto the beach.

3.  I’d love to play the course, but I’ve heard it will be private membership – is this true?

The courses will operate on a pay per play basis and will be open to the public. Special discounted rates will be on offer to local golfers, so everyone can enjoy the courses. A limited number of corporate memberships may also be on offer.

4.  I’ve heard the buildings will be very high and am concerned they will look out of place. Can you provide more information on the design of the buildings?

Other than the hotel, the buildings are not likely to be higher than four stories. The hotel, however, will be a taller landmark building. Our aim is to create an ‘iconic’ hotel that becomes synonymous with the area and provides a dramatic backdrop to the world-class championship events planned. Details of the height and design will of course be subject to further planning approval.

5.  There is a pathway to Balmedie on your plans which passes my house and goes through private land – has this been formally agreed?

The external footpath and cycleway on our recent plans illustrates the desire to create beneficial links between Trump International – Scotland and the neighbouring community of Balmedie. The route shown on the current layout is one of a number of possible options.

Creating a pedestrian route between the two villages is considered to be good master planning practice and has been encouraged by Aberdeenshire Council. We would like to explore this idea further in the future and aim to work with Aberdeenshire Council and local landowners to see how best this ambition can be achieved.

6.  I’m concerned the Trump development will put a strain on existing infrastructure and cause traffic problems – what are you going to do about this?

Infrastructure requirements have been set by Aberdeenshire Council and we have a legal agreement to provide funding for the expansion, or addition, of facilities and infrastructure requirements, including drainage, electricity and other services.

We are working in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council and Transport Scotland to ensure this development also meets the infrastructure requirements set out by Scottish Government, which includes shared financial contributions towards upgrading junctions and roadways to accommodate the identified increase in traffic.

7.  Will the houses in the residential area cost millions of pounds?

A full spectrum of homes ranging from one bedroom apartments to six bedroom luxury houses will be on offer. Housing prices have not yet been set but they will be in line with market values in Aberdeenshire. We anticipate that many local people will occupy the houses planned, and will price them accordingly.

8.  I’m concerned about the staff accommodation proposed – will the jobs created be available to local people.

Appropriate levels of staff accommodation will be established as the development evolves and will be integrated into the resort area and village as needed.

We have already partnered with local recruiters and universities, and a range of training opportunities will be developed in the future. Job vacancies will be advertised locally.

9.  This development has outline planning approval. Why do you now need additional land?

A condition of outline planning consent is the development of a detailed Master Plan. In order to address this condition, a Scottish architectural firm - Gareth Hoskins Architects - was commissioned in January 2009 to revisit the plans and develop a greater understanding of the land and its special characteristics. During this process, it has been identified that for the better planning of the area and the operational efficiency of the site, these six additional parcels of land should be included.

10.  I think this development is great, but understand the Trump Organisation intends to use Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) – is this true?

The Trump Organisation has no CPO powers. CPO is a statutory process and the use of these powers is a matter for Government.