Resort Development

Spanning approximately 500 hectares of land on the north-east coast of Aberdeenshire, the development comprises a world class championship links golf course suitable for hosting major international events including a golf house restaurant, bar and shop and MacLeod House & Lodge luxury Hotel and dining. To follow is a second 18-hole links golf course, an iconic hotel set amidst an array of luxury holiday homes and a residential village formed within the unique setting of Menie Estate.


Master Plan

From the historic woodland around Menie House to the undulating arable land, dramatic dunes and the hinterland beyond, the site encompasses a range of very different areas of landscape. Careful consideration has been given to the location of buildings to ensure a seamless unification with the landscape while controlling the visual impact and preserving the distinct character of the land. The master plan design aims to work with the existing natural features and topography, and takes full advantage of the dramatic setting creating a strong sense of place and belonging.

Trump International GolfLinks, Scotlandis a world class destination to visit and will be an inspirational place to live. Synonymous with the Trump brand, all aspects of this development will be built to the very highest architectural and design standards.

Hotel & Resort Accommodation

The hotel and holiday homes will be sited to the west of the golf courses in two distinct areas. Firstly, the hotel and associated facilities, seen very much as a destination and landmark, will be located along the escarpment that runs along the edge of the courses, looking out to the sea, commanding breathtaking views across the dunes, sea and coast beyond. The aim of these accommodations is to create a distinctive grouping of buildings that work with the linear character of the escarpment and, like many of the world class resorts around the world, will become a beautiful backdrop to events. The holiday homes adjacent to the hotel will also track the linear form of the escarpment and provide exceptional sea views.

Secondly, the golf villas will follow the curved contours of the rolling landscape to the north of the site providing a sheltered environment. Their location is in response to the undulating landscape that runs behind the dunes, and will create smaller scale places focused around the landscape bowls that exist on the site, with long views out to the North-east.

A wide range of recreational and leisure facilities are planned within the hotel, holiday homes, and golf villas as well as across the site. Such amenities shall include a tennis facility, an archery range, and an equestrian centre.

Residential Village

A new residential village is designed to ensure that it becomes a community with its own particular sense of place, while remaining sustainable and contributing to the wider area. Rather than the more typical sprawl associated with residential developments, the new residential village is carefully planned around a dense core. In the tradition of the many historic planned villages and towns around Scotland, the core is based around a central square with a small grouping of public facilities, shops, cafes, pubs and playgrounds, which can be accessed easily either by foot or bike from the surrounding housing, or by public transport via a new road that connects through the centre from the A90.

The village ties in to the existing shelterbelt of mature woodland providing protection from the prevailing winds while running south of Menie House and informs the pattern of sheltered fingers of housing that will run down towards the courses, again with views out over the sea.